"Hi, Thank you for the expert service yet again, please see the below feedback as requested. "Thank you very much for helping me out with my parents UK visa applications and making the unbelievable happen. I am immensely impressed by IAS's efforts and all the hard work they put in treating every single case like their own. Especially Madam Almas who left no stones unturned to make sure we were granted UK visa in a very short period of time. I am greatly impressed as was 9 years ago when Sir Zulfiqar battled for my students visa refusal and made sure I was granted entry to the UK. IAS has kept it's promise of never letting it's customers down. I highly recommend their service to others who are struggling for their visas so they can be at a peace of mind and leave 100% satisfied" Regards, Zohaib"

Zohaib Alam

"Dear almas , We are over the moon as my sister Madiha got her visit visa for 6 months to visit us in the U.K. And also my parents got their 5 year visit visa to the UK . I'm so glad to have you as our solicitor as we know that you never leave any stone unturned in achieving nothing short of success . Even though we are your clients but we feel there is a strong bond between you and us . We feel like we are family to you as you have always been there to even answer and respond to any question and query we had . You were always there even at the weekends to reassure us of our worries and stresses regarding our case and we are extremely grateful to you for that . I would specially like to thank Almas who has always been extremely professional but at the same time builds up a relationship with her clients which goes a long way . I have and will continue to recommend your name to our family and friends as we have faith and trust in you and your services . Allah bless you with loads of success always ."

Adeeba bilal

"I am a doctor from Abbottabad. A few months ago I was refused for visit visa UK, fro my PLAB 2 exam. I was really heartbroken, devastated and was in desperate need of someone to help me with the visa process. After looking around for some time I couldn’t find any suitable help. A friend of mine recommended IAS. Now I am so glad that I consulted them. And it gives me immense pleasure to say that due to Ma’am Almas and her team’s hard work, dedication and efforts I finally got a 6 months multiple entry UK visit visa today. During my interaction with her, I found ma’am Almas very friendly, supportive, hardworking and a very professional guide. She guided me through the whole process step by step and consistently followed up with me. Although being the world apart in Abbottabad I still never had any problem accessing them. The whole team of IAS was always available to me in the hour of need. I would like to thank the whole team and especially ma’am Almas for her help and guidance. Being a very happy and a satisfied customer, I would gladly recommend IAS to anyone seeking solutions to their visa problem. "

Dr. Khizar Hayat

"Thank you so much for your valuable services for my parents 5 years visit visa. We are so happy to have got the visa. I would like to thank you and your team for your tremendous efforts for my parent's application. From the very first day, till the visa was approved, you were always there to guide us, to hear us out and to answer our queries. You are not just extremely professional but as a client, we felt like family to you as you were always there to address our concerns. This was our third experience with you. Before this, we have applied for my mom's visa, my sister's family visa and now my parents' visas which were all successful alhamdulillah. You and your team are absolutely fantastic. We are so happy and satisfied to have applied through you and we look forward to using your services again. I would definitely recommend to me to all my friends and family members. Wish you all the best for the future. Keep up the great work !!!!"

Adeeba Bilal

"After the refusal of my visa, i thought i had lost hope but fate somehow brought me to IMMIGRATION ADVISORY SERVICES (IAS). IAS(s) services were excellent. All of my questions were answered in a very timely manner, and explained thoroughly by MA'AM ALMAS. It was a great comfort and relief to me knowing that I could rely on someone else, an expert, to help me. The biggest comfort was knowing that she and her team were doing everything they could, getting everything in order so that my application would have the best chance of success once she submitted it. She outlined everything in detail as to exactly what I needed to do, get, etc. MA'AM ALMAS and her team are very professional, courteous, timely and knowledgeable. I was really impressed with their thorough and responsible work. They made a complex and difficult process easily accessible and a pleasant experience. In closing, I really can't thank IAS enough. I am so excited to get a new chapter of my life started and am so thankful for all the help I received from IAS especially from MA'AM ALMAS.I without reserve, recommend this company to anyone who is contemplating to start the immigration process. They helped me to remain calm, organized, and optimistic about my chances throughout our brief journey. Stay blessed. "

Rehan Ahmed

"I am greatly thankful to Ma'am Almas and IAS team for making it possible for me to join my family in the UK. My application was refused for two times, but contacting IAS and after getting their professional counseling, finally, I got visa. My sincerest thanks and appreciation for IAS."

Amna Ghani

"It's not surprising then that when I, along with my wife, had to apply for a visitor visa this year to attend my graduation ceremony I rang up Ms Almas. Being the thoroughly professional and efficient adviser that she is, I was able to complete and submit our application within a week. The week after we had our visas with us! Masha Allah a 100 per cent success rate. I am extremely grateful to Mr Zulfiqar, Ms Almas and the entire team at IAS. They always treat my case like it’stheirs. My calls are always answered, my queries are always entertained and my applications are always prepared with extreme care and dedication. Thank you IAS for all your support and help. "

Hassan Choudhary

"I am extremely grateful to Mr. Zulfiqar, Miss Almas and the IAS team for their thorough professionalism and dedication. My family and I were refused UK visit visa (5 years) and our summer travel plans were abandoned. I approached Mr. Zulfiqar, who suggested we put our case to the embassy and prepared our documentation. Within one week we received our letter that the decision had been revoked. Within next 2 weeks our visa was issued. We are traveling to the UK shortly and our kids are very excited for their summer vacation and it is thanks to the IAS team who made it possible. I strongly recommend IAS to anyone applying or who have been refused UK visa. I cannot think of applying for a UK visa without IAS' assistance. I approached IAS for the first time in 2008 after I was refused a visitor visa, which is when I first found out about IAS' magic powers. IAS made the UKBA reverse its decision and I was issued a visa in no time! Two years ago when I had to apply for a student visa I approached IAS again. And that time too I was issued a visa in under a week. "

Mr. Adeel Iqbal

"My words are not enough to appreciate the services I got from Mr. Zulfiqar and Ms. Almas of IAS. My children got TIER 4 child visa, the most complex visa of UK Border Agency. This is the first visa issued to any child in Karachi and it is all because I was in the hands of qualified and experienced team. Thank you IAS. "

Lubna Ilyas Shaikh

"The zeal, effort and dogged dedication that IAS have shown in the pursuance of my case is exemplary, to say the least. Over the past couple of months, I have tried to convey just how mentally disturbed this whole episode has left us all, especially since we have never had to encounter anything like this before. As I understand it, the outcome covers everything we had hoped for and more. The fact that the original decision has been overturned & cleared from the UK visa system is the most remarkable achievement and we have you all to thank for that. Please accept heartfelt appreciation and thanks from all of us and my personal gratitude. "

Zahid Azim Khan

"I would like to say that IAS has been very helpful in helping me with my application. They are very professional and have a lot of experience and the staff has been very courteous and helpful. I would recommend using them as your first and last option when applying for your visa. "

Zeeshan Khandwani

"We had a wonderful experience with IAS. They not only guided us, but they also supported us morally and emotionally. Our three cases were dealt by them. The way they handled My Appeal and My Mother's appeal was desirable, however My younger sister got visa within 15 days. The whole staff of IAS was very cooperative and helpful. My whole Family is really thankful to them. I would request people, please do not go to Hanky Panky people, come to IAS and get genuine advise. They will always be remembered in our prayers. We can never forget them. May ALLAH bless them and May they get a lot of success.(AMEEN) Thank you IAS!!! Special thanks to Syed Zulfiqar ALI, Miss Almas Mehmood, "


"An experience with IAS was wonderful, actually after getting refused i was quite upset and helpless and then someone suggested me to go with the IAS. I had no option and i went to them and explained my case, many thanks to IAS team and Miss Almas they helped and cooperated with me since the very beginning. IAS people are very professional and genuine, i suggest all my fellows if they are interested in studying abroad they should definitely go with IAS. "

Umer Agha

"I had an amazing experience with IAS. My medical visa was refused but my husband was given medical visa however I was the actual patient. So went to IAS and they advised me for administrative review and they sent the request representing me as on the 2nd day I received the call that my immigration offers decision was changed and I am supposed to send my passport for visa stamping. It took a week and I got my visa and went to London for my checkup. I highly recommend IAS to everyone who is going through visa problems or applying for the UK visa of any category. "

Sadaf Hussain

"I would like to thank all of you for your help and support. I am extremely pleased with the way you handled my settlement application. Everything was done very professionally and I received my spouse settlement visa. Thank you once again IAS for all your efforts. And special Thanks to my case worker and IAS team. May ALLAH bless you and May you get a lot of success. (AMEEN). "

Waleed Siddiqui

"I am very much thankful to Almighty Allah that I have been introduced with IAS and Mr Syed Zulifiqar, I had a brief interaction with IAS & Mr Zulifiqar during last 6 months, I have no such words to admire you for your efficiency and very well being that you have supported student of Pakistan, especially in response to my case you struggled so hard. I really appreciated you except to thanks and I ever remain your support while I will be in UK. And I must say that IAS is a very competent, professionally sound and effective service. Their staff is efficient, friendly and always ready to help. They have an excellent rapport with the British High Commission. I would strongly recommend them to all who have any problems with British visas. Hajra Ahmed (Student at Zaskin College) "

Hajra Ahmed

" "I recently had a Family Visa approved that I obtained through IAS. First of this was an absolute rush to get as I was planning on moving my family fast so I acted on the first agency I found which was IAS. Naturally they helped me out all through out the visa process. And have to say I’m very satisfied with professional and savvy approach in this matter. IAS has definitely taken off a huge load of stress with their assistance and knowledge. I feel confident with my application as your team has been very helpful in explaining the whole application process with me, in a clear and concise way. "

Ahmed Hafeez

"I was refused under 320 allegation. I was shocked but then I meet the IAS team. Now at that time I am writing these lines I have got my UK visa. They really cooperate with me. Their teamwork brings the results. The behavior and cooperation of Miss Almas was too good and I cannot describe it in words or at pages. I think I need ink of gold and the pages of silver rather than simple pages to write her kindness and excellent work. I am really thankful to all the team members specially, Miss Almas who pursued my case with due diligence. "

Muhammad Awais

"I applied for visa as General Visitor but was refused on frivolous grounds, and I felt that getting a visa again would be very difficult, but thank God I was referred to IAS by a friend of mine. The whole team of Immigration Advisory Services (Pvt) Ltd guided me very efficiently throughout the whole procedure with due diligence and professionalism. I was greatly impressed by the excellent paperwork that was arranged for my visit application, and even after my application went for processing, IAS kept me posted on the status of my application until I was granted the visa. I am thoroughly satisfied with the way my visit application was handled by IAS and its team, especially my case worker Mr. Osama who had been extremely helpful and patient during the whole process of my visa application. I was so impressed by the work done by IAS that I have even told some of my friends about them and the great work that they are doing. "

Saleem Ahmed

"I had a great experience with IAS. The staff was very co-operative and the documentation was outstanding. MS. Almas and MR. Osama were most prominent because they both were dealing with me and they both gave me excellent services. In future i will recommend IAS to all of my friends. "

Agha Murtaza Mirza Dehlvi

"‘'It’s been a pleasant experience having Ms. Almas and Mr. Osama handle my case. I had heard many applications being rejected for the UK (tier1 dependant visa) and so was a bit apprehensive applying. My husband gave me IAS's contact details and asked me to have them prepare the necessary documents etc. It's safe to say that the staff is competent and thorough. Mr. Osama prepared the document bundles in a very organized and systematic manner. Also as i wanted my application to be processed ASAP, there was time constraint which thankfully we both (Mr. Osama and I) managed well. Overall i would certainly recommend IAS.'’ "


"I am extremely thankful to Mam Almas and the whole IAS team. It was a great experience, my visa got refused once but then I gave my tier 2 dependent case to Ma’am Almas, she made it successful and managed everything. I appreciate all the paperwork done by her and the whole team of IAS. Again thanks to them for their professional services. "

Aamna Sadiq

"I have been contemplating for days now but no words seem to do justice to the immaculate efforts and the level of professionalism the IAS team has. Let's begin by saying I'm rather a difficult person to please especially when it's letting somebody be a part of realizing my dream but I cannot be thankful enough to Allah for making me choose IAS , to be that stepping stone. The dedication and zeal with which they handled my case is beyond words from Yasir, who made sure my frantic calls and ever urgent demand to reach Almas was met, Yasir, in his polite tone would ask me details and calmly provide me assistance in the absence of Almas, who made my CV, Almas n Mr. Zulfiqar who most vigilant people I have seen and I thank each one of you. Almas, what can I say about her without whom I might have lost my patience and cherry on the cake Mr. Zulfiqar who made everything seem possible and who had a solution to each and every problem we had. The efforts of Almas cannot be summoned up in a few lines she gives you a sense of confidence, the way she handles a case providing assistance restricted not only to the legal boundaries but on the emotional turmoil that one goes through the whole process, a very patient person I must say. Even though we decided to carry on a turtle pace with my case she along the way not once lost interest and kept us constantly in the loop with the developments related to our file here or changes at the UKBA. I'm glad we came across this amazing team and look forward to a continued relation with them In future as now I think I can't trust another firm for my legal demands. Thank You IAS team. "

Uzma Zia

"Barrister Mr Zulfiqar Ali Shah and his dedicated team of Immigration Advisory Services represented my Immigration case which was a critical step of the process. My family was settled in London and with the help of IAS, I have successfully attained my spouse visa. I'm impressed with how efficient and helpful the staff was. I strongly recommend IAS team who has profound knowledge and experience in this field of immigration. "

Shahid Abdullah

"It was always a part of our long term strategic business plan to establish another branch of our publishing company in Europe. We were directed to by one of our mutual contacts to work with IAS in September and after initial consult and advice with Mr. Zulfiqar Ali and Ms. Almas Mehmood, we decided to take their advice to open a branch in UK and authorized IAS to start preparing our application. We applied for overseas sole representative visa to establish an overseas branch in UK on 30th March 2014. UKBA granted the visa within 21 days of filing our application. We strongly recommend IAS for various personal or business visa related issues, as they have highly qualified pool of advisers to prepare documentation, translate / notarize various documents with good interpersonal skills and an ability to meet various deadlines and schedules. We are also impressed by the diligent paperwork arranged by Ms. Almas, who as a senior caseworker offered great moral support during the preparation and processing of our application. IAS kept our company posted on the status of our application even after the submission, until we were granted the visa. IAS is also available for advice and further consult to help us establish this subsidiary in UK. We take this opportunity to document our satisfaction and recommendation on record at their website. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Syed, Ms. Almas and Mr. Yasir for their due diligence in successful processing of our visa application and later their feedback regarding other paperwork to establish our business in UK. "

Mr. Nadeem and Mrs. Amina regarding sole representative visa

"Me and my family recently applied for UK visa which got rejected. My sister in law referred me to IAS and I am glad I chose IAS for dealing with my case. The staff did an amazingly thorough and professional job. My case was certainly a tricky one, but got the visa because of Almas and her team's assistance and professional performance . We are so pleased at the favourable outcome. I would like to thank the entire IAS team for their guiadance and patience while helping me. I am grateful for the dedicated legal services."

Ahsan Javed

"It was a pleasure working with Almas and the IAS team for my visa application. The service was extremely good, along with demonstration of professionalism at every step. The paper work was also complete and apt. I am obliged and thankful to Almas and the staff for their cooperation. Wishing you all the best, Thank you. "

Syeda Mahrukh Waqar

""My mother’s visa application had recently been rejected. Having great deal of success in the past, one of my peers referred IAS to have the UKBA’s decision turned. I immediately contacted IAS. The staff was extremely professional and polite and all I had to do was provide my refusal letter and copy of application to them and they did the rest of the work. I was constantly provided updates and assurances regarding the processing of my mother’s case. IAS made me feel like the task was completed before we even began. The PAP bundle which is a part of appeal was so well written and handled by IAS that UKBA had no option but to take their decision back within a month, which also saved me from the hassle and cost of new application . I was so satisfied with their work ethics, level of confidence and hassle free services that I wished I had found IAS earlier to represent all my other cases. I have now selected IAS to represent my sister’s application. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. "

Faraz Saeed

"Immigration Advisory Services based in Karachi (Pakistan) provided effective, professional and prompt service regarding Visitor visa application for Canada. The entire staff including Practice Manager Almas Mahmood and her associate Yasir Umer worked with the applicant to achieve a desirable outcome. The Canadian visa was issued during November 2016. We wish IAS continued success in their endeavor to provide superior visa and immigration consultancy services."

Asifa Baqai