Our Services

"All we do is finding possibilities for you."

Since its inception, IAS has been working hard to serve its valuable clients and help them find the right legal options to move abroad, and to make their the visa / immigration process hassle free.

IAS provides services for those who are willing to apply for VISA in categories like,Visit Visa applications, Student visa applications, Business immigration applications, settlement applications on basis of the family, skilled worker applications, Job seeker visa applications and citizenship / Passport Applications in UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, USA, IRELAND, DENMARK & SWEDEN. We are here to;

  1. Provide sound legal advice about immigration and nationality matters to existing and prospective migrants around the world from Pakistan, through reliable, service oriented and committed partners.
  2. Assist genuine applicants with their immigration applications to host country; the purpose of the applicant can include but is not limited to education, spouse, visit, business, settlement, family reunion, dependent relatives etc.
  3. Assist applicants in lodging immigration appeals, reviews when and where required.
  4. Assist in arranging effective representation for the appellants before immigration judges through a third party or qualified members.
  5. Assist applicants in applying for reconsiderations wherever applicable.
  6. Strive our best to direct Government's attention for the establishment of an independent body to regulate the Immigration services/advice-providers in Pakistan.
  7. Conduct regular reviews of visa process from Pakistan and other countries, including the review of refusals to ensure that consistent approach is adopted by the visa granting bodies and highlight any inconsistencies to the concerned department.
  8. Conduct regular training courses and seminars toeducatetheimmigration consultants,andthoseprovidingimmigrationadvicein Pakistan.
  9. Conduct regular reviews of advice provided by immigration consultants,and warn general public about any scams, andfrauds in the area of Immigration.
  10. To conduct awareness campaigns and highlight the risks and expected problems associated with illegal immigration
  11. Discouraging the use of false information, or false documents used by the applicant, or induced by the third parties.
  12. To provide direct and easy access to the immigration rules in simpler language to the intending migrants.
  13. To provide free advice and assistance to those who cannot afford their fees.

Services We Provide:
1. Visa Services/Representations in Immigration courts:

IAS, being skilled in the field of providing genuine immigration advice, promotes high standards of immigration services. IAS not only provides exact, accurate and credible services that match exactly with the rules and regulations of the country the applicants intend to move for various purposes like visit, work, business, family or spouse reunion or settlement, but IAS also assists clients in their post visa matters they may face in destination countries. IAS is blessed with the tremendous talent, experience and breadth and depth knowledge of it's team. Being the advocates and solicitors they have huge understanding of the immigration rules, laws and policies.

IAS utilizes these skills for the welfare of public and community to protect applicants from getting fooled at the hands of inexperienced and raw immigration consultants. We deal with all kind of immigration issues. We provide immigration services for different countries like Canada, Australia, UK, US, Germany, Sweden and Denmark etc. We provide full package to the applicants and assist them at every step of the visa process. We provide remarkable and persuasive representation on behalf of clients before immigration bodies and courts of different countries.

2. Research:

IAS conducts regular research in order to determine the most frequent problems faced by applicants during and after their visa process.
We conduct research on the following areas.

  1. Research on the problems/hurdles faced by the applicant or migrant communities.
  2. Research to establish database about the number of immigration/Visa consultants in Pakistan.
  3. Research to highlight Visa Scams.

3. Evaluation/Review:

IAS believes in establishing a channel with other immigration consultants in Pakistan and around the world to have clear picture of overall services rendered by them. IAS cultivates strong relations with immigration authorities as well, and gets their attention on applicants' rights, needs and interests.

We scrutinize and have checks on the visa granting bodies on behalf of clients and other immigration consultants if any discrepancy and unfavorable behavior observed from them. We highlight the issues on behalf of clients/applicants until their voices are heard and positive action is taken in line with immigration rules.

We also keep checks on the immigration consultants and provide them training to help them increase their legal understanding about immigration laws and policies so that they may be able to deliver better, professional advice, hence reducing visa refusal rates.

4. Awareness Campaigns/ Information Dissemination:

It is one of IAS motives to spread awareness among public about immigration laws and policies, as well as the do's and don'ts of living in an entirely new country to avoid breach of imiigration laws. For this purpose, IAS effectively utilizes social and professional media and publishes articles in some credible local, national and international newspapers.

We also conduct annual and biannual workshops throughout Pakistan for sharing of information, expertise and building knowledge about illegal immigration, human trafficking, its practical challenges and consequences.

5. Training:

IAS plans to initiate training sessions for consultants and practitioners to help transfer skills and enhance legal understanding, client care and case handling abilities with the provision of up to date information and policy analysis tools. This is a future project likely to be initiated in all the major cities of Pakistan. IAS plans to achieve this goal with the help, support and guidance of international organizations and experts working solely for the welfare of migrants, supporting transparency in immigration systems and working towards curbing illegal migration.

Being the functional organization in Pakistan IAS invites all the international organizations and associations in immigration field to work in collaboration with us in order to improve the visa/ immigration systems of all countries that are a popular destination for migrants around the globe.