About Us

IAS was established in the year 2007 based on a philosophy that focuses more on professionalism and high quality service standards.

Since its inception, IAS has been working hard to serve its valuable clients and help them find the right legal options to move abroad, and to make their the visa / immigration process hassle free.

We aim to address the issues and problems which are often faced by the applicants or the migrants while they are going through their visa process, as well as the hurdles they come in contact with after their arrival to the countries they intend to settle in. The main issues observed are:

• Visa consultants with limited or wrong knowledge about prevailing Immigration rules complicate even the simple cases, causing an increase in refusal rate in Pakistan.
• A flock of people with visa frauds and visa scam backgrounds operating in the market.
• Ads containing wrong and misleading information in ads published daily in newspapers and social media by visa consultants to lure the public.
• Unreasonable visa refusals / Inconsistent decision. Failure of immigration authorities to follow their own rules.
• Some people often lack the information regarding laws and procedures of the country they intend to migrate to, which results in difficulties post-arrival.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of experts with in-depth knowledge about immigration processes, policies, rules and all practical challenges involved. We want to make immigration to different countries very smooth by increasing the understanding about immigration rules and regulations that benefits not only the migrants and the home country, but the host country as well. We aim to curb illegal immigration and put a stop to human trafficking. IAS striving to address all these issues by

  1. Creating awareness among the general public about immigration rules and regulation.
  2. Updating our clients about any changes in immigration rules and laws.
  3. Providing support to our clients on their genuine matters.
  4. Assistance and guidance on dealing with complex immigration matters.
  5. Emphasizing on the deliverance of genuine immigration advice and services to the applicants or general public.
  6. Assisting all applicants affected by the arbitrary decisions and capricious behaviour of the visa granting bodies.
  7. A platform that can convey the concerns of migrants/potential migrants, and various issues to policy makers and other stakeholders such as the Immigration authorities, Pakistani governments and the visa granting bodies.